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Recommended Apps

Find out what apps and programs to get for your phone, tablet, or computer to best get connected to the Bible and to 1st Church!

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Faithlife Community

Faithlife is a platform to enable continued fellowship, communication, and learning. As a member, you can connect with our church community throughout the week.

  • Go deeper in the Word: Watch last week’s sermon, share a video, or circulate Bible reading plans. The Faithlife app connects with a host of Faithlife tools—including Logos Bible Software, Proclaim, Logos Mobile Education, and Faithlife TV—to make sharing edifying Christian content easier than ever.
  • Engage in the Mission: Expand your opportunities for spiritual growth. Share prayer lists with your whole church or subgroups, post discussion questions, or just reach out with a question or word of encouragement.
  • Connect to the Church and each other: Whether it’s a prayer meeting, service project, or retreat, you can use Faithlife to plan and track events and stay involved in the life of your church. You can also share photos from your time together.

The Faithlife Community App is available for download on Android & iOS devices. You can also login to our Faithlife Community via your Web Browser. Search for it in your App Store, or use the links below to download.

Download For Android

Download For iOS (Apple)

Visit Our Faithlife Community via your Web Browser

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Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software is the world’s leading Bible software. This free download comes with several Bible translations and other resources, and there are more than 100,000 books related to the Bible you can buy through the Logos store... Plus, they'll give you a free resource every month!

Better yet, if you're a member or a regular attender, and your connect your Faithlife account to 1st Church, we'll give you $3,000 + of resources for Logos!

If you have Logos on your phone or tablet, Logos will give you "Signals" during our worship gatherings that will help you follow along with the service and get to Bible passages quickly.

Logos is available for download on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices, or use Logos via your Web Browser. Search for it in your App Store, or use the links below to download.

Download For Windows

Download For Mac

Download For Android

Download For iOS (Apple)

Use Logos Bible Software via your Web Browser

Using "Signals" During Our Gatherings

The Logos Bible mobile app listens for Signals from the slide presentation during a gathering.

Announcement slides will send a calendar signal to your phone, appearing as a hyperlink at the bottom of the app. Tap it to add events to your phone’s calendar. And when Bible verses appear on screen, tap the Signal link to open the reference and follow along.

You can learn more about signals here. Be sure to allow the app to use your location, and then follow our church presentation when it is presented. You only need to do this once, and you’ll be connected every week!

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Faithlife TV

Faithlife TV is designed around short segments of sound teaching and interesting discussions about the Bible. The rotating selection includes segments from Logos Mobile Education, a seminary-level program featuring professors from schools like Wheaton College, Calvin Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, and many others. Other segments include Bible character studies, book discussions, and even animated Bible verse art from our sister channel Bible Screen.

Watch Logos Mobile Education, Faithlife TV Live, Bible Screen, and more.

Download For Android

Download For iOS (Apple)

Download For Roku

Visit Faithlife TV via your Web Browser

D6 Family App

Based on Deuteronomy 6, D6 is the leading voice in family ministry, and the Sunday School Curriculum we teach at 1st Church.

Scripture teaches that parents are the primary disciplers of their children. Updated weekly, this app delivers resources designed to equip you for generational discipleship.

D6 Resources Included:

  • Family Fun Questions
  • Home Connection
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Foundational Talks
  • The D6 Podcast
  • Blog
  • And more!

Download For Android

Download For iOS

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Faithlife eBooks

Enjoy reading time anywhere.

You can read Faithlife ebooks on any device. It’s a virtual Christian bookshelf that goes where you go.

Highlight, share, and take notes.

Mark up your ebooks with notes and highlights. Plus, it’s easy to select and copy text so you can share quotes or passages on social media.

Download For Android Devices

Download For iOS Devices