What Is Baptism?

Baptism is a symbol of the believer’s union with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection (Rom. 6:3-5), and a public testimony of his or her faith in Jesus (1 Cor. 12:13; Rom. 6:3-5, Col. 2:12; Acts 2:41, 8:12).

How We Baptize

Buried With Christ... Raised In His Likeness

Both the meaning of the Greek word, the symbolism of the ordinance, and the situational descriptions in the Bible lead us to practice the mode of baptism as immersion (Mk. 1:5; Rom. 6:3-5).

The Bible teaches that baptism should be preceded by faith and repentance. One must be able to believe and be taught in order to be a disciple and therefore receive the ordinance of baptism. Since infants are incapable of faith, repentance, or belief, they should not be considered proper subjects of baptism.

We do however practice Child Dedication. During child dedication, the parent(s) commit to raising their children, to the best of their ability, to know and love Jesus.

Want To Be Baptized?

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