Live Stream FAQs

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Live Stream Frequently Asked Questions
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When Do You Live Stream?

We Live Stream Every Sunday Morning Worship Gathering (Sundays @ 10:30 a.m.). Occasionally there may be technical difficulties beyond our control that keep us from streaming... But those times are rare.

Why Not Live Stream Wednesday Gatherings?

During our Wednesday Evening Gatherings we have Men's & Women's Groups. During these group times, we encourage intimate fellowship among the church... This is something that can only happen in-person, and to promote a willingness to share with one another honestly, we have chosen not to stream these group sessions.

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How Can I Watch The Live Stream?

You can watch by logging in @ 10:30 a.m. on Sunday Mornings.

The best way to participate in the Live Stream is right here!

Using this link (or the link in the menu above) will allow you to communicate during the Live Stream, follow along with Logos Bible Software, and view the weekly bulletin.

You can also watch via the FaithlifeTV App for your phone, tablet, television, or streaming device. Either way, our Live Stream is only viewable using Faithlife.

Why Don't You Stream To YouTube and/or Facebook?

It's quite simple actually... Over the past couple of years, it has become very obvious that YouTube & Facebook are not friends of the church. They are businesses that are interested in making money... period.

Although we do our due diligence not to break any copyright laws, and we carry the proper licenses that are required to display the lyrics of the songs we sing, and to stream them, these platforms have, on multiple occasions, made copyright strikes against our church. We have taken every effort to "prove" that we have the license to stream, but they are not interested in the proof, because they, in-turn, lose money. The result of these copyright strikes can be:

  • Muting of the video
  • Removal of the video
  • Or allowing advertisements during the video

Our board decided in 2020 to move away from Live Streaming to these platforms so that the message of the Gospel would not be muted, removed, or interrupted with an advertisement. We have chosen to use Faithlife Streaming instead. Faithlife is a company that is not only a friend to the church, but solely focused on the church.

Yes... It is more expensive to stream using Faithlife. And Yes... It does limit our audience. You can help by Giving To The Church, and by sharing our Live Stream address ( on other platforms, encouraging friends to join us!

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What Happens If I Miss The Live Stream?

We understand that there are times that folks will not be available during the Live Stream.

For those that are part of our church, and have signed up for a Faithlife Account, you can view previous Live Streams using the link below. Videos are typically available an hour or so after our Gathering concludes.

Otherwise, the sermon (only) will be posted later in the week (typically on Tuesday). You can view our sermons right here on our website, through the Faithlife App, and also on YouTube and Facebook.

What's The Purpose Of Your Live Stream?

Standing on the Word of God, we WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in the regular in-person gathering of God's Church. We do not believe such gatherings can be replaced with a "virtual" gathering.

With that said, we also understand that sometimes believers are temporarily unable to gather due to sickness, traveling, etc... and some are shut-in and no longer able to attend in-person permanently. This is the purpose of our Live Stream.

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If I'm Participating Via The Live Stream, Is There A Way For Me To Give To The Church?

There sure is! You'll find a link to Give on the Live Stream page... Or you can always follow the link below.

I've Been Watching The Live Stream, And I Think I Might Be Ready To Gather In Person. What Should I Do?

We would LOVE to get to know you and to have you join us in-person!

Start by going to the "I'm New Here" page to learn more about us... and then fill out the form at the bottom of that page to let us know that you'll be coming!